About IcelandTourist.eu

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IcelandTourist.eu is a group of professionals who love Iceland and promote this love for everyone.

IcelandTourist want to make more easy the way to discover Iceland beauty.

Our headquarter is located in the lovely city in central Europe Wroclaw [say: Vrotzluv]. We organize expeditions to most wild places on Iceland. We explore Iceland, its history, culture, economy and normal life.
We have got many collaborators in Iceland so we have many fresh news from the island.
We work inside continental Europe to help European tourists find their way to Iceland.

We provide many internet services to fulfil our mission.

For the Polish market we offer the biggest internet portal ICELAND.PL :: Islandia and the biggest Polish forum about Iceland.

We help everyone who want to visit Iceland by air or sea. We provide the tourist information about Iceland, where everybody may reach any information about tourism in Iceland.